Selected sold works

Survival, acrylic, collage, vax crayon, oil pastel on board, 122x155x4 cm, 2022, Sold

Lyme grass, akrylic, sand, oil pastel, collage, phototryck on woodpanel, 50x70 cm, 2021, sold

"Terra with blue", mixed media on board, 43x50 cm, 2021

The Curved, Acrylic, collage, vax crayon on board, 71x86x4 cm, 2021

"The last breath", akryl, sand, bläck, oljepastell, collage på papper, 29,5 x 41,5 cm, 2020

"Pardans", blandteknik på foto, 30x40 cm, 2005

"Botanical composition", acryl, collage on paper, 49x52 cm, 2020

"Resurrection" acryl, sand, colllage on fotoprint on woodpanel, 121x83x4 cm, 2020

"Blooming" acryl, sand, collage on fotoprint on woodpanel, 83x121x4 cm, 2020

"Flowering roots I+II" akryl, sand, blyerts, tusch, collage på fotoprint, på papper, 61x71 cm, 2020