At the root of my artistry is a sculpture education, but I constantly commute between the two media, painting and sculpture.

The material in the sculpture is one of the most important factors in my works. It constitutes the work's DNA, it limits with its properties but conforms to my will. By combining similar parts into a whole, the sculpture itself takes shape under my influence. As everything in us and in the rest of nature is structured.

In recent years, I have dealt with the material corrugated cardboard as a DNA. Its rigidity but at the same time its flexibility is an asset to what I want to achieve in my forms. The form must, to some extent, be allowed to develop by itself, become what it is meant to be, out of my control, an interaction between me and the laws of nature.

Most often, the final form is associated with a primordial form, an intermediate between plant and animal, something that may have existed and or died out before it was discovered.

I want to highlight the disaster that is going on in our nature. Caused by our resource-demanding need for control in today's ecological system. Where man blindly rushes forward to cover his needs, on the road to self-destruction, forgetting his origins.

Overlooked: cardboard, glue, 51x25x23 cm, 2023

The onions, carboard, glue, varnish, 60x45x40 cm, 2023, 1550.-€

Trytone, concrete, glassfiber, varnish, 38x30x30 cm, 2023

The Squid, cardboard, glue, 49x35x33 cm, 2023

The concrete Seed, concrete, 45x25x24 cm, 2022, 1220.-€

Caught in itself, cardboard, glue, 47x45x27 cm, 2023

Untitled, cardboard and glue, 90x18x18 cm, 2021

The Tower, cardboard and glue, 128x35x35 cm, 2021

3in1, dry sunflowers and glue, 25x17x17 cm, 2021

Micro world, paper and glue, 21x19x18 cm, 2021

Untitled, plant parts and glue, 35x22x19 cm, 2021

Honeycomb, paper and glue, 40x40x30 cm, 2021

"Evening Star", paper and glue, 65x50x50 cm, 2020

Caterpillar plant, kartong, lim, akryl, tandpetare, 2021

"Väx-ande", ek, 2003

"Pigeon", concrete, 2010

Relict, wood, cord, plaster, 2001