Through my education, I am characterized by the three-dimensional thinking, and I actually think of sculpture in my two-dimensional works as well. I want to bring the tangible, the material and the shape to a large extent into my paintings. Usually I start from a found shape or make a sculpture that I, through photo documentation, transform into "new" images. Sometimes focusing on something in my paintings, highlighting it and translating it into a three-dimensional form gives me a more concrete experience of what I want to achieve in the painting, as the sculpture itself is more defined than the painting. An interaction between its two media is important in my work.

The concrete Seed, concrete, 45x25x24 cm, 2022, 620.-€

Untitled, cardboard and glue, 90x18x18 cm, 2021

The Tower, cardboard and glue, 128x35x35 cm, 2021

3in1, dry sunflowers and glue, 25x17x17 cm, 2021

Micro world, paper and glue, 21x19x18 cm, 2021

Untitled, plant parts and glue, 35x22x19 cm, 2021

Honeycomb, paper and glue, 40x40x30 cm, 2021

"Evening Star", paper and glue, 65x50x50 cm, 2020

Caterpillar plant, kartong, lim, akryl, tandpetare, 2021

"Väx-ande", ek, 2003

"Pigeon", concrete, 2010

Relict, wood, cord, plaster, 2001